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Proceso Puro Circular System is a quality-capturing and earth-friendly post-harvest management system developed to monetize crop quality and prioritise watershed conservation.The intrinsic quality of harvested cherries start to deteriorate by oxidation and enzymatic activity. Proceso Puro Circular System is proven effective, crop after crop, to capture and retain the optimum quality at harvest to produce consistent quality coffee for the specialty market. 

Eco-friendly coffee mills are paired with aerobic and anaerobic dry fermentation to redeem our operations from wastewater by-product as well as to highlight the sweet and delicious taste of Proceso Puro Circular Coffee. Coffee pulps and parchment husks are up-cycled to add value to our Circular System - the pulps are fermented to supplement animal feeds and mitigate the spread of coffee berry borers while the husks are fuels for biochar heat exchangers to sequester carbons and provide heated air for coffee drying in cloudy or rainy conditions. Sun and homogeneous drying are combined to control the drying rate in order to achieve consistent quality in the cup homogenized for the entire full contain load and mindful of water activity. 


Proceso Puro Circular Coffee is characteristically sweet and delicious with delightful fruity notes. In line with our Circular System, we offer Natural and Honey coffee. Details are as follows:


(Whole Dried Cherries)

Sweet ripe cherries are anaerobically fermented for 30-40 hours and sun-dried as whole fruits in thin layers, with frequent turning to ensuring uniform drying. Sun drying and homogeneous drying combined takes up to 30 days for our natural coffee. 


(Parchments with 100% Mucilage)

Sweet ripe cherries are squeezed to separate the parchment coffee from the pulps, keeping all of the fruity layer (mucilage). The parchment coffee is first anaerobically and then aerobically fermented for a combined 50-70 hours. The wet parchment coffee is then dried in the sun, followed by homogeneous drying for up to 25 days.

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Our freshly picked cherries are sorted for those that are sweet and ripe to make delicious tasting coffee. Our team focuses on doing the basics well to capture the desirable quality you can count on, batch-to-batch and crop-to-crop. Aerobic and anaerobic fermentation highlight the sweet, full-body and delightful fruity notes, characteristics of Proceso Puro Circular Coffee.

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Biochar tunnel dryers and homogeneous dryers are combined to provide proper rate-of-dry for every batch of coffee, in rain or in shine. Grainpro hermetic storage preserves dry parchment coffee from fluctuating oxygen and humidity levels, transporting the coffee for dry milling in time for export. 


Dry parchments and cherry coffee are hulled, green coffee is graded and color-sorted to export quality. Packed in Grainpro bags, the coffee's quality is preserved during land and sea transports straight to your doorstep!

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