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Bolaven Farms is a social enterprise based in Hong Kong and operating out of Lao and Papua New Guinea. We collaborate with smallholding coffee growers to monetize cherry quality and democratize wealth for community betterment. 

We aim to enable farmers to actualize the potential of their family farms with proven solutions to overcome the following historic barriers:

 1. Lack of organization - farmers will be organized collectively to achieve efficiency 

 2. Lack of affordable credit - impact lenders will empower qualified farmers’ groups to deploy the Proceso Puro Circular System

 3. Inconsistent quality - centralized post-harvest processes will achieve quality with consistency 

4. Low productivity - farmers will be motivated to replace old trees 


Compelled by the love of Jesus to live humbly, to love with mercifully and to act justly in the glory of God, Bolaven works amongst farmers to conduct baseline survey and due diligence. We prepare farming groups to qualify for preferential loans, paving the way for them to produce great-tasting coffee using our Proceso Puro Circular System. 


A typical Circular System can process 500 metric tons of coffee cherries per harvest, producing 4 full container loads or the equivalent of 80 metric tons of green coffee. This, in turn, would create USD100,000-150,000 of new disposable income per year for smallholding farmers.

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