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Bolaven Farms
Bolaven Farms is the leading organic grower and supplier of the finest Bolaven coffees. Fine Bolaven coffees are rare and distinctive, grown and processed in the pristine environment of the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos.

As coffee growers, we devote ourselves to the sustainable and high quality production of a truly distinctive and tantalizing coffee. We aspire to systematically improve the overall quality of coffee grown and prepared in Laos to the highest of world standards.

As a quality driven miller, we commit to milling, grading and sorting all of our green coffees beans to export graded and vacuum packaged coffee to avoid oxidation and moisture damage.

As dedicated retailer, we are creating a brand that evokes passion and a memorable experience associated with fine products of Laos.

As a purpose driven business, our managers are tasked with the mandate to act justly and to love steadfastly. By freely disseminating our knowledge in organic farming, Bolaven Farms works with the Laos government to empower and liberate our resident farmers to become successful and proud owners of land and family farms.

Bolaven, translated means “the home of the Laven people”

Integrated Organic Systems

Bolaven Farms is at work to redeem the soils and nurture sustainable ecosystems promoting healthy and productive agrarian community developments.

The combination of nitrogen-fixing plants, pasture-fed livestock, soil producing and rejuvenating composts, and the indigenous productions of organic fertilizers and pesticides, all working together to heal the land for high yield farming systems.

Soils function like a bank account, we must make deposits if we are to make withdrawals. When we take care of the soils by replenishing life giving nutrients, crop yields will increase and crop quality will improve, resulting in a more interesting dynamic for the farmers.

Bolaven Farms functions as a commercially viable farm and also as a demonstration & training centre. The Integrated Organic Systems are made available free of charge for the benefit the farming community.

Advocating fair and dignified prices for crop is part and parcel to the total sum of poverty eradication. Equipping farmers with technical transfers and empowerment with affordable credits will serve as the corner stones for true and lasting solutions.


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