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Bolaven Grown Coffees

A rare and distinctive Single Origin Coffees, are best when brewed in Drip Filter or in a French Press.

Brewing Tips
Use freshly roasted beans (you'll be happy you did). Grind beans immediately
before the brewing. Sure, we'll grind your beans. Happy to do it. But truth
be told €“ your coffee will taste better if you grind the beans yourself.
Whole beans hold the flavor more efficiently. You make the call when to
release the power, one fully potent pot at a time. We suggest burr grinders
over metal bladed grinders for a more consistent, refined texture. The
shorter the brew time, the finer grind: Espresso €“ very fine. Drip €“ medium
grind. French press €“ coarse grind. Percolator €“ extra coarse grind (we do not recommend the use of Percolator)

Coffee ground to water ratio
For the KF-300 One-cup filter, use 14g (0.50 oz) of Drip Grind coffee for 230ml (8-oz) water. (Cost HKD3.70 (US$0.48) per cup)
For the Moccamaster Coffee Maker, use 50g (1.75 oz) of Drip Grind coffee for 1,250ml (42 oz) of water. (Cost HKD1.70 (US$0.20) per cup)

Use clean, good-tasting water, filtered water if possible. Avoid brewing with distilled water at all cost. Approximately one
Heaping tablespoon of grounds (0.50 oz or 14g ) for every 8 oz or 230ml of water. Experiment for taste.
Warm your cup or mug before filling with coffee (okay, don't sweat it, this
suggestion is for the coffee zealots out there).
Enjoy your freshly brewed Bolaven Coffee as soon as possible.

Filters are important. Swissgold permanent filters are the standard of excellence. Consider
an investment in this precious metal filter. We sell Swiss Gold Filters, KF-300 is the One-cup filter and KF-4 is the 6-12 cups Cone filter. The Swissgold filter system was developed as an alternative to the paper filter to get the best tasting coffee.
Another option is paper filters.  We recommend oxygenated paper filters because most white filters are chemically pumped and can alter the coffee's flavor, and natural brown filters tend to add a woody taste.

Store your beans and ground coffee in an airtight container at an average
room temperature. Do not keep in fridge or freezer, as moisture from
condensation is the worse enemy for grounds.

Brew your personal cup of coffee using the Swissgold one-cup filter

14g (0.50oz) medium grind Bolaven Coffees (one heaping tablespoon)
230ml (8oz) just-off-the-boil clean, good tasting water (92-96C)
1 Swissgold one-cup filter (KF-300)
1 coffee mug

Put coffee grounds into the gold filter, gently tamp the grounds to compact, insert the water regulator into the filter, place filter on top of your mug.
Fill the filter to about 10% with just-off-the-boil water, let the coffee ground saturate for 10 seconds.
Fill the filter with water and replace lid to maintain water temperature.
The brewing time should not be less than 2 minutes, adjust grind to achieve optimal extraction, with a brewing time between 2 to 3 minutes.

The Swiss Gold filters was developed as a better alternative to replace the paper filters. Due to its absorbent properties paper filters remove all fats and all the brewing colloids (flavour carriers in the coffee) from the liquid being filtered. The Swiss Gold filters are electroplated with 23-carat gold to prevent any tainting of the taste of the coffee.


Makes one personal serving of great tasting coffee.

Dump the spent coffee ground and rise under tap water, the Swiss Gold filter is ready for another brew.
It is recommended to wash the filter daily, do not use abrasive on the filter surface.


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